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Data and Voice Cabling - Sydney

1337 I.T. Solutions is able to provide you with superior data and voice cabling services. Our cabling service is supported by our years of experience providing technical support in a small business environment. Contact Us today for a quote on your next project.

Naked DSL/Phone Jumpering at the MDF

This is generally a simple job and falls under our $120 call out fee (plus first hour)
Before booking this job please confirm these three things:
1. You have access to your MDF (unlocked or via key)
2. Telstra has Tagged your new connection on the MDF
3. There is at least one unused copper pair (phone line) running from the MDF to your unit

Someone will need to be present to provide access to the MDF and the Unit to complete this job


ADL2+ Central Splitter Install

This is another common job we are asked to quote on. Most central splitter installs are completed in the first hour ($120) but some will require addition labour at $77/hr

Common Cost for this job is:
1. Callout + First Hour Labour - $120
2. 1 x C10 100E Central Splitter - $55
3. 1 x Krone Surface Mount 8P8C Socket - $27
4. 5-10m Cat5e Cable - $10

Total for Standard Install with no complications $212 (inc GST)

Someone will need to be present to provide access to your premises to complete this job

After Hours/Weekends

1337 IT Solution's Cabling Technicians are available to work weekends and after hours to fit your schedule.

Please Note: All after hours and weekend jobs will incur a 50% surcharge - Please take this into consideration when booking.


Data and Voice Cabling

1337 IT Solution have been providing data and voice cabling services to our clients since 2006. These include:

Phone and Data
Networking and patch panels etc
PABX Cabling
Hybrid wireless/Cabled
Specialising in ADSL2+ Central Splitter Installs

Master Cabler Registration No: A026262